Heroic Bystanders Save Life Following Three-Truck Accident

When truck accidents strike our roadways, devastation and destruction are often the result. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti work hard to ensure that the victims and their families are legally protected following these tragedies. With so many feelings involved in these crashes, it is important to have knowledgeable experts managing the legal matters so that the more important emotional issues can be handled without distraction.

Of course legal assistance only comes into play after the wreckage is over and the victims are processing the losses. However, some community members are called upon to assist in the immediate aftermath of these truck accidents-when lives are still hanging in the balance.

A situation just like that occurred this weekend following an accident on Route 130, reports The Trentonian. A 55 year old female driver was stopped at an intersection when a tractor-trailer behind her slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting her. In the meantime, a second truck failed to pay appropriate attention and slammed into the braking semi in front of it. The initial collision between these two semis caused the first one to slam into the back of the woman’s car, a small 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The Chevy was then driven into a third semi-truck that was stopped in front of it.

The chaos ultimately caused the destroyed car to become sandwiched underneath and between three different trucks. The woman herself was pinned inside.

Amazingly, the accident happened directly in front of a heavy-duty towing company that helps lift and move large semis. The workers of the company were watching as the accident occurred. They quickly jumped into action, taking their equipment and going to the crash site to help move a trailer off of the woman’s car so that she could be removed from the wreckage. Their quick thinking got the woman out of the car and to the hospital, where still remains in critical conditions. Authorities believe that if the towing crew did not act as quickly as they did, the woman would have died waiting to be removed.

With all of the repeated stories of heartache caused by deadly trucking accidents, it is important to remember the real heroes who save lives with quick thinking and courage every day following these tragedies.

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