Highway 141 Crash Takes the Life of an Illinois Woman

Curled up inside on the couch, sipping hot cocoa and watching the snow fall outside your window may be really relaxing, but the snow can invoke feelings far from relaxation when you’re dealing with it on the roads and highways. While snow may be pretty and picturesque when we are safe and inside, it is a completely different story when it is making your commute and travels hazardous. Frequently, snow is a cause of truck and motor vehicle accidents. By highlighting winter weather-related accidents in our blogs, we hope to bring awareness to our readers about the dangers winter weather conditions can pose on the roads.

A report by MyFox11 relayed that a woman died as the result of a truck crash on Highway 141 near Jossart Road. A pickup truck was hauling a snowmobile trailer northbound when the driver of the truck swerved to avoid a dark object in the roadway. The victim was then struck by the trailer. The driver died at the scene of the accident from head and internal injuries. Snow was also falling and covering the roadway at the time of the accident. The Marinette County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate this crash.

There are many steps we can take as drivers to protect ourselves and others when on snowy and icy roads. Weather Underground provides tips for both car maintenance and driving safety to ensure that you are most prepared for your snowy drive. It is important to make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive in winter weather. For example, you should be sure to check your anti-freeze and thermostat to avoid freezing. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are operable and that you have de-icing washing fluid. Also, check on your oil and power steering fluids. Be sure to properly lubricate door locks that may be prone to freezing. Remember to keep at least half of a tank of gas in your vehicle during the winter season too, because this prevents freezing.

As for driving safety, always check the current road conditions and weather forecast before embarking on your trip, no matter how short or long your journey may be. Always keep your vehicle windows, mirrors, and lights clear of snow and ice. Getting to your destination in snowy weather should be no race either. Allow yourself extra time than it normally would take you to travel so you can driver slower and more cautiously in winter weather. During snowy and icy weather, brake earlier than normal and slowly. Do not slam on your brakes. Keep a farther distance than normal between yourself and other vehicles so that there is room to stop. Following too closely, especially in bad weather conditions is dangerous.

Our lawyers hope that everyone stays safe and free from dangers on the road that lead to accidents. By employing safety techniques you can better protect yourself and passengers during winter road conditions. However, there are many who may act negligently and recklessly, and unfortunately their actions can lead to motor vehicle accidents. You deserve to be safe on the roads, and if someone put you in a dangerous situation that caused you injury, you may be able to hold them accountable through legal action. Call us for a free consultation, and we may be able to help you.

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