Hit and Run Truck Accident Leaves 12-Year-Old Boy Dead

Accidents happen every day in and around the City of Chicago. However, our lawyers are always saddened to read about motor vehicle accidents that impact the lives of young people by inhibiting their future potential through permanent and life-altering personal injuries or by cutting their young lives short and never allowing them to grow up. Fatalities and injuries that occur as a result of driver negligence are often preventable and it is for that reason that our attorneys fight for the rights of plaintiffs and their families to bring justice and prevent such tragedies from occurring to other people in the future.

According to an article by the Chicago Tribune, a young boy died as a result of blunt force trauma after being struck by a semi truck, which drove off after the collision. Witnesses said that the boy was trying to cross the street at the time of the collision. Police located the truck driver several miles from the scene, and detained him for questioning. Illinois State Police continue to investigate this accident.

According to CBS Chicago, police were able to track down the hit-and-run driver only minutes after he fled the scene thanks to diligent and prompt witnesses providing descriptions and details to local authorities.

We can all concur that it is simply shocking how someone could cause peril to a small child and drive away. This is why witness testimony and reporting is so imperative in accidents such as these. When witnesses report and provide accurate details to authorities, investigations can be made and justice can be brought to a tragedy. Witnesses can piece together for police the details of what occurred in the accident immediately before, during, and after. These accounts can help pull together the sequence of causation and show culpability for negligence and recklessness in the case of wrongful death. In this case and in others, doing the right thing and reporting a hit-and-run accident can aid investigators and help a grieving family set things right legally.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle or truck accident, or have lost a loved one in an accident due to another’s negligence, you may be able to hold that wrongdoer liable through a lawsuit. Our attorneys have represented injured victims in all types of personal injury, wrongful death, and motor vehicle accident lawsuits for over 20 years. It is our mission to set a legal example and prevent wrongs from occurring to others in the future, in addition to helping those who are suffering physically and emotionally obtain compensation for their hardships. Call us today for a free consultation, and we would be happy to discuss your legal claim with you.

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