Holiday Weekends Mean More Congestion and More Accidents

Holiday weekends can easily be a time in which many more car and trucking accidents than usual may occur. According to The Chicagoist, one of the main reasons for this is the huge increase in traffic, especially during this holiday weekend because it is the first three day weekend of the summer and many people are taking road trips out of the city. In Chicago this weekend, there is added congestion because the President is in town and a great deal of construction is going on since the weather is warming up. It is important for all drivers to remember that there will likely be an increase in traffic and plan accordingly, and to be extra cautious and alert to avoid any accidents on your holiday weekend.

In addition, a recent study shows that Chicago is home to three of the top ten worst bottlenecks, including the actual top two worst. A bottleneck is an area of highway where the lanes get smaller and this inevitably causes a huge amount of traffic congestion and back up. This leads to a great deal of truck congestion in the Chicago area and can lend itself to a higher amount of trucking crashes. The number one worst bottleneck in the country is the junction between the Eisenhower Expressway and the Dan Ryan Expressway in downtown Chicago. To read more about the bottleneck problems and other congestions problems that can lead to higher number of car and trucking accidents, please click here.

These congestion issues can make Chicago driving more prone to accidents even at times other than holiday weekends. Chicago accident attorneys ask you to please make sure to always allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and never to rush or drive unsafely to try to get somewhere on time.

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