Illinois Couple Struck by Pickup Truck

An Illinois woman was killed when she was struck by a pickup truck as she stood next to her car on the side of I-80/I-94 at the Central Avenue ramp shoulder. The woman’s husband was also struck by the pickup truck and he was thrown into the middle of the shoulder, but unlike his wife he survived being struck by the truck. The Illinois victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the trucking accident and the cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma, because according to Gary Community she was propelled over the barrier wall, which separates the highway from the exit ramp and onto the inner shoulder of the highway.

The Illinois couple was pulled over on the side of the highway because they had just been involved in a single car accident, caused by the husband losing control of the vehicle as he passed under the I-65 overpass. Their car spun around when the driver lost control and hit the barrier wall and stopped at an angle on the outer shoulder. The couple exited the car and was struck by the driver of the pickup truck shortly after they left their vehicle following their accident.

At this point in the investigation it is believed that the driver of the pickup truck also lost control of his vehicle while passing under the I-65 overpass, in a similar manner to the passenger car, causing him to strike the couple and not be able to avoid the fatal truck accident. According to police, the roadway was very wet and had scattered slick spots at the time that both drivers lost control of their vehicles.

Both the driver of the passenger car and the driver of the pickup truck were taken to local hospitals for treatment of minor injuries but neither of the drivers suffered any serious personal injuries.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys remind all drivers of the dangers of driving on slick roads. Oftentimes, a wet road will not seem that slick or dangerous to be driving on and then the driver will encounter slick spots on the highway that cause a driver to lose control. This is what happened to the two drivers involved in this accident, and both drivers were unable to control their vehicles once they initially lost control. Whenever the roadway is wet it is important to take extra precautions and be very alert of the conditions on the road. Roads are the slickest right after it begins to rain, because the oil on the road surface rises to the surface at this time causing very slick conditions.

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