Illinois Driver Ticketed for Collision Involving Semi

Earlier today, the Belleville News Democrat Online posted a report detailing a particularly devastating Illinois trucking accident that resulted in three individuals sustaining severe personal injury. According to the news report, the accident transpired when the 21 year-old driver of a passenger vehicle collided into the rear end of a large semi tractor-trailer while traveling southbound on Interstate 255 near Dupo, Illinois. The passenger vehicle driver, as well as, his two passengers all required advanced medical attention for the severe injuries they sustained in the crash that caused the vehicle to become smashed beneath the large commercial vehicle.

According to Illinois authorities, the driver of the semi truck informed police that he was on the right shoulder of Interstate 255 and was using the shoulder to gain speed to merge into traffic on the interstate highway when he was rear-ended by the passenger vehicle. In the passenger vehicle driver’s statement to authorities, he revealed that he was unable to remember if he was traveling in the center lane or right lane before he struck the commercial vehicle. The motor vehicle driver admitted that he looked down at the radio seconds before the tragic collision and did not recall seeing the truck before the crash.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys learned that a witness at the accident scene told police that he observed the 21 year-old driver pass his vehicle in the right lane when he witnessed the semi truck using the shoulder of the interstate to gain speed before merging with traffic. The witness revealed that the truck had merged into the right lane of the roadway for at least seven second before the passenger vehicle collided into the large commercial vehicle. Subsequently, as a result of the accident in which three individuals sustained substantial serious injuries, the driver of the motor vehicle has received a citation for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

While our Illinois truck accident blog frequently discusses the tragic consequences that often result from semi truck collisions caused by truck driver error, many times drivers of passenger vehicles are found to be responsible for these devastating collisions involving large commercial vehicles that often weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys continue to urge readers to exercise safe driving habits each and every time a motor vehicle is operated in order to help reduce and eventually eliminate the injuries and fatalities associated with motor vehicle accidents.

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