Illinois Governor Signs Semi Truck Legislation

Earlier today, our Illinois semi truck accident attorneys read a report on detailing a new piece of Illinois legislation signed by Governor Pat Quinn. This bill requires that local governments provide the most up to date information regarding trucking routes to the Illinois Department of Transportation. Requiring all local governments to report road restrictions and designations to the Department of Transportation will provide critical and helpful truck route information for semi truck drivers.

Currently, most Illinois and out-of-state truckers plan their routes with the help of consumer GPS devices. Unfortunately, these devices are designed for passenger vehicles and are not completely safe for trucking use. Issues arise due to the fact that these devices do not provide important information to truck drivers– such as the height of an oncoming bridge or the weight limit of a road. This new bill will help alleviate this problem by listing designated truck routes or alerting drivers of a lack of route.

Effective January 1, 2012, this law also requires that the Secretary of State to create a brochure that teaches truckers the difference between commercial and truck routing. A state Senator was quoted stating that, “this law will make it easier for truck drivers to pick routes that comply with local ordinances and provide the most efficient way to transport goods.” Ultimately this law will help make Illinois a more productive and efficient transportation industry as well as reduce traffic congestion and wear and tear on Illinois roads.

This bill is just another step the Illinois government is taking to help make roads safer for residents. Late last month, one of our blogs discussed another recently-approved Senate bill addressing Illinois trucking laws. The bill clarifies the recommended weight standards for semi trucks and in addition clarifies the limit that must be placed on a truck’s length. Due to the severe problem caused by overloading semi trucks and the accidents that subsequently result, this bill provided just another way to make semi truck travel safer for their drivers, as well as, surrounding vehicles.

Our Chicago accident attorneys commend the active steps the Illinois government is taking to improve road safety. Each year, our attorneys see the devastating consequences of unsafe roads and drivers and hope that these new laws provide a solution to the increasing accident rate. Unfortunately, even with the enaction of new laws some drivers will continue to operate their vehicle carelessly – often causing accidents involving substantial harm or even death. If you or a loved one has been a victim of an accident at the hands of a negligent driver, please contact an Illinois personal injury attorney to see what legal rights may be available to you.

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