Illinois Man Flees from Scene of Trucking Accident

An Illinois man was involved in a horrible traffic accident on I-70 early this morning, and then proceeded to flee the scene and attempted to steal another vehicle to get away from the scene. The police were able to catch the fleeing man and when they took him out of the cop car, a packet of cocaine fell out of his pocket onto the ground. The Illinois man was then charged with driving under the influence, endangerment, and leaving the scene of an accident where there was property damage. In addition to these charges, the driver received citations for driving with a suspended license and for unsafe lane movement. According to Chicago Breaking News, the accident occurred when the driver attempted to move to the off-ramp of the highway by cutting across the section of highway separating the ramp from the lanes of traffic. As the driver attempted to make this risky maneuver, he struck the side of a semi-truck and caused the truck to jackknife and hit a large concrete barrier which then caused the semi to roll onto its side. Luckily, the truck driver was not injured but the Illinois man, as well as his highly intoxicated passenger, were taken to a local hospital following the accident. To read more about this Chicago crash, please click on this link.

Illinois accident attorneys remind drivers to never flee the scene of an accident, even if you believe you will get in trouble if you stay. Fleeing the scene is a very serious offense and considered a class four felony in Illinois It is important for all parties involved to remain at the scene to assist injured drivers and passengers and help police determine what caused the accident.

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