Illinois Man Killed In Truck & Bus Collision

A Griffith man was killed and fifteen others were injured in bus accident near Kankakee, according to the NWI Times. The driver of a pickup truck was killed in the collision, and fifteen of the bus passengers injured. The pickup truck driver was driving in the westbound lanes on U.S. 20 when he lost control of his truck. The truck traveled left of the center lane and hit the eastbound traveling bus. The truck then went into the ditch, and the bus stopped in a nearby field. The impact of the collision caused the driver of the pickup truck to be thrown from the vehicle, resulting in him dying at the scene of the crash. The crash remains under investigation, but authorizes are currently concluding that the slick and icy road from winter weather conditions play a major role in the crash.

A similar but unrelated accident also happened in Illinois on the same day. A driver of a motor vehicle traveling south on Illinois 394 near U.S. 30 lost control of his vehicle causing it to breaking through a barrier wall. The vehicle then collided with a pickup truck in the northbound lanes, flipped over, and caught fire.

Both of these accidents are unfortunate examples of the personal injuries and fatalities that can result from losing control of one’s vehicles in slippery winter road conditions. Because winter causes roads to become much more slippery than normal, it is imperative that drivers use caution as to avoid collision and injuries to themselves and others. The Weather Channel advises drivers to avoid going on the roads until snow plows and salt trucks have had an opportunity to work. Also, always allow yourself extra time to reach your point of interest as to avoid speeding and to go slower than normal if necessary. Not only should you not speed when the roads are slippery, but you should also allow yourself more time to stop at intersections, lights, etc. Slippery roads require us to use more time to come to a complete stop. This means allowing yourself at least three times more space between you and the car in front of you. Allowing yourself more space will also allow you to brake more slowly. If you have to make sudden stops, this can cause your car to skid and your wheels to lock up. Easing on the brakes is best in icy and slippery conditions, which is why it is important to avoid high speeds and close distances between other drivers on the road.

Our firm is experienced in and nationally renowned for representing individuals and families who have faced harm as a result of negligent drivers, such as those who do not use caution on slippery winter roads. Our attorneys understand that most people who are injured or lose a loved one in a car accident do not know where to turn after suffering devastating and life-altering injuries. For many, an accident lawsuit is one’s first experience with the legal system and therefore it is crucial to choose a trustworthy team who can guide you through the process efficiently and effectively. When choosing legal representation there are many choices but victims should always seek out firms who have a proven track record of success fighting to protect accident victims. With over 20 years of experience, our lawyers work to help victims recover fair and reasonable compensation to help cover costly medical expenses, rehabilitation bills, loss of income, and even end-of-life expenses for those who have lost a loved one as a result of driver negligence.

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident resulting from the negligent actions of a careless driver, you may be able to hold that individual legally responsible for your injuries and may be able to obtain compensation. There are time limitations for filing accident lawsuits in Illinois, so it is important to take action early to protect your rights. Our goal is to be able to achieve the best results for each case we take to help our clients get back on their feet and restore their lives as they were prior to the accident. Call us for a free consultation, and we may be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries or loss of a loved one.

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