Illinois Man Pleads Not Guilty to Driving Under the Influence

Last month the driver of a truck, that had collided with a station wagon killing two men, was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. The driver involved in this truck accident pled not guilty to two counts of driving under the influence of drugs. The fatal accident occurred on May 6th when the driver allegedly ran a stop sign and crashed into the car in which the two victims were riding in. The driver claims that he tried to stop but was unable to. The cops that were at the scene of the crime thought that the driver looked like he might be under the influence of drugs so they asked him if he had smoked any marijuana and he told them that he smoked the night before. The cops then arrested him for an aggravated DUI and tested him for THC and the test came back positive. The driver argues that truck accident was caused by the fact that the truck would not stop when he hit the brakes, and the cops reported that there was evidence of a skid making the driver’s story feasible. The court did find probable cause to proceed with charges and since the driver pled not guilty he requested a jury trial, which will proceed later this month. For more information on this truck accident, click here.

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