Illinois Road Worker Killed in Semi Truck Accident

Recently, our Illinois truck accident lawyers read a report in the Chicago Tribune detailing a recent Illinois semi truck accident that resulted in the death of an Illinois Department of Transportation employee. Authorities in Will County stated the accident occurred when the construction worker exited a piece of heavy equipment he was operating. The 28-year-old was subsequently struck by a semi tractor truck with a dump trailer that was backing up in the construction zone. State police are continuing their investigation into the cause of the accident and have issued a citation to the semi truck driver for improper backing.

Construction zones often provide some of the most dangerous breeding grounds for semi truck collisions. Although in this accident the driver of the commercial vehicle received a citation for the improper backing of his semi truck, a citation does not compensate for the devastating loss the victim’s family has sustained. While this news report does not confirm if the victim’s family wishes to seek civil legal action against the semi truck driver, through our experience as Chicago semi truck accident attorneys, that family may have a cause of action for a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death lawsuit contends that the victim died as a direct result of a negligent or unjust action. In this case, the semi truck driver’s improper handling of his commercial vehicle was a direct cause of the victim’s fatality. Under current Illinois statute, a number of factors must be proven into order to file a wrongful death lawsuit:
– A fatality was directly caused by a wrongful act – negligent or through inaction – The negligent or default act would have entitle the party injured to maintain a cause of action – Monetary damages have resulted from premature death
A wrongful death lawsuit is substantially different than other types of personal injury claims due to the fact that the victim’s family brings the cause of action. It is important in these types of cases to obtain the legal guidance from an experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer. Through civil litigation, our attorney help compensate accident victims and their families for the harm they have sustained as a result of motor vehicle accidents. If you have been involved in a Chicago semi truck accident, please contact our attorneys for a free consultation to help determine what legal rights may be available to you.

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