Illinois Semi Truck Driver Killed in Highway Collision

Our Illinois semi truck accident attorneys recently read an article on detailing a fatal collision involving a disabled semi truck that ultimately resulted in four fatalities. Although the accident currently remains under investigation, local authorities state that accident occurred when a semi truck became disabled along Interstate 80. Two tow trucks shortly arrived at the scene to assist the broke down commercial vehicle. A oncoming commercial vehicle traveling on the interstate sideswiped the first tow truck, causing a subsequent collision with the disabled semi truck. The driver of the disabled semi truck, two tow truck employees, as well as, the driver of the second semi truck died from the injuries they sustained as a result of the collisions.

When a vehicle becomes disabled alongside a busy interstate or even a local roadway, the possibility for a motor vehicle accident substantially increases. Many times, oncoming vehicles are unaware of an upcoming disabled vehicle and accidents resulting in injury or even death consequently occur. Although roadside pedestrians are duty bound to maintain an appropriate level of care to protect themselves against roadway dangers, oncoming vehicles are required to exhibit an increased standard of care when operating around these disabled vehicles and their drivers. Motorists have a responsibility to operate their vehicle and observant manner.

In order to prevent the reoccurrence of these fatal collisions, drivers of all types of motor vehicles should adhere to the following safety tips. The National Safety Council suggests that in the unfortunate chance your vehicle breaks down or becomes disabled on any and all types of roadways, drivers should:
– If able, try to maneuver your car to the nearest exit if you are along an interstate – Make vehicle visible to oncoming vehicles.
– Place reflecting triangles behind vehicle and use vehicle’s emergency flashers – Seek professional help if vehicle requires advanced maintenance – Refrain from standing behind or next to vehicle. Stand off roadway until help arrives.

Our Chicago accident attorneys strongly encourage drivers to adhere to safe driving practices each time a vehicle is operated. Motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving semi trucks, are almost always destructive and the results can be devastating. With over 10.2 million motor vehicle accidents occurring in 2008 alone, driver safety is a top priority. In the event that a driver unsafely operates their vehicle and causes a collision involving an injury or even fatality, accident victims may be able to seek legal relief for damages incurred. If you have been harmed as the result of a motor vehicle accident, please contact our personal injury attorneys to see what legal rights may be available to you.

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