Illinois Truck Accident Caused by Driver Taking Turn Too Fast

An Illinois truck accident occurred this past Monday in Moline when a truck that was hauling hogs overturned at the intersection of Interstate 74 and Interstate 280. According to The Quad-City Times, the cause of the accident was the truck driver exiting from Interstate 74 to turn onto Interstate 280 too quickly. Because the truck driver was going too fast, he lost control of the truck and it rolled over. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident and the truck driver was not injured. Some of the hogs that he was transporting were injured and the truck could not be turned back over until all of the hogs were unloaded from the truck. The delay in being able to turn the truck back upright led to congestion on the exit ramp of Interstate 74 and the on-ramp of Interstate 280.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys remind truck drivers and trucking companies how important it is to drive at safe speeds in order to cut down on trucking accidents and injuries to truck drivers and other drivers on the road.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducted a study about causation in truck accidents involving large trucks. The study looked at a large sampling of truck accidents that involved trucks with a gross vehicle weight of over 10,000 pounds that had occurred in many different states. Of all of the crashes studied, traveling too fast for the given conditions accounted for 23 percent of the truck accidents.

According to Road Safe America, all trucks are legally allowed to travel at the same speed as passenger vehicles even though it takes a fully loaded commercial truck three times as long to stop as a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, many truck drivers feel the pressure to drive fast because they are trying to get to their destination on time and are getting paid by the mile. Large trucks do come with a computer that can monitor speed, called “speed governors”, that keep the truck from going over a certain speed. While these are installed in all commercial trucks made in the United States since 1992, many trucking companies do not use these devices.

Road Safe America
points out that many trucking companies that do use the speed governors have reported higher profits because the trucks save on fuel and the trucking equipment lasts longer because the trucks are being operated at the proper speed for ideal performance. Additionally, liability costs are often lower because the trucks are driving at safer speeds so less trucking accidents will occur.

Whether or not truckers and trucking companies choose to use speed governors on their trucks, it is important that all truckers remember the importance of driving at an appropriate speed given the size of their truck and load, the traffic conditions around their truck, the weather conditions and any other factors that could change what speed is safe for drivers to travel at any given time. Driving at an appropriate speed, which may be slower than would be safe for a passenger vehicle in the same conditions, could reduce the number of trucking accidents and keep people from suffering from avoidable personal injuries.

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