Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit Alleges Texting While Driving

The Daily Herald reported today on new developments stemming from an Illinois truck accident that occurred in March of 2010. A 26-year old woman is suing an Illinois trucking company and its driver for injuries she suffered in the accident.

The truck driver was cited by police for negligent conduct in last year’s accident. According to reports, the semi-truck was driving alongside the victim’s car in Elgin. For reasons that were initially unclear, the truck driver swerved suddenly into the lane next to him occupied by the victim. The car, carrying the female driver, a passenger, and two young children, was driven off the road and into a frontage ditch nearby. They were taken to a local hospital after suffering injuries.

The truck driver was cited for improper lane usage. However, following the wreck, the victims sought to recover civil damages from the negligent driver by filed an Illinois truck accident lawsuit to recover for their losses. The lawsuit is alleging that the driver of the truck was texting or using his cell phone during the accident. The distraction caused by the negligent phone use led to the crash.

Our Illinois truck crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti encourage all those injured in an accident such as this to seek professional legal help to receive compensation for their injuries. We repeatedly decry the careless actions taken by all drivers who use their mobile devices when their eyes are most needed looking at the road. This negligent conduct is particularly egregious when done by truck drivers who are capable of causing immense damage when they hit the cars around them.

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