Illinois Truck Accident Leaves One Dead and Two Injured

Negligent and reckless driving poses risks not only to the drivers, but to others on the road. Our roads are shared, and one person’s actions do not only affect the individual but everyone else in the vicinity too. That is why driving too fast and driving distracted is an imperative matter to continue addressing, especially in Illinois as we continue to face hazardous winter conditions for several more months to come.

According to Toledo News Now, a Washington County, Illinois, crash left one person dead and two injured. This occurred on IL Route 127. The Illinois State Police reported that one car was driving north when the driver lost control and crossed into the southbound lane. This vehicle struck a pickup truck in a head-on collision. Another SUV on the road was unable to slow down in time and was hit by the pickup truck.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a publication with recommended safe winter driving strategies and advice to better protect yourself and those around you. OSHA recognizes that northern regions, like the Midwest, can have hazardous driving conditions in winter as roads become filled with snow and ice. Being prepared can help make you safer on the road. First, you should always be prepared for an emergency by properly maintaining you car’s battery and tires and keeping your windows clear and visible. You should also keep emergency supplies on hand, such as flashlights, ice scrapers, blankets, and jumper cables. Furthermore, always allow plenty of time to get from Point A to Point B so that you are not one of the fast and reckless drivers. Second, remember to protect yourself. Buckle yourself and make sure all child passengers are buckled and in car seats . Third, do what you can to prevent crashes. Remember not to drink and drive and to find a designated driver, as alcohol is a major factor in motor vehicle accidents. Don’t speed and keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars on the road. Also, avoid driving while tired by making sure to get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel, and by taking breaks when driving long distances.

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