Illinois Truck Driver Dies in I-24 Fiery Crash

There is no question that truck accidents can be some of the most serious accidents regarding injury and magnitude of damage. Our attorneys have seen the effects of truck accidents span large stretches of highway, shut down roads for long periods of time requiring extensive cleanup and investigation, and cause life-threatening and life-changing personal injuries.

One recent accident, reported by KWQC, is evident of the gravity of truck accidents, leaving all westbound lanes of Interstate 24 closed from early morning until late evening. The truck driver was hauling wood pallets at the time of the accident. He lost control of the semi-truck, crossed over the median, and collided with a FedEx truck driven by an Illinois man. The wood pallets from the semi-truck hit the fuel tanks of the FedEx truck. As a result of the collision, a fire erupted, and both drivers were trapped in the crash. Both truck divers died as a result of the accident, and a third driver who hit the FedEx truck from behind suffered personal injuries.

Vehicle fires are incredibly dangerous and can lead to loss of life, as seen in this accident. According to a fact sheet by the National Fire Protection Association, vehicles can catch fire for several reasons. While mechanical and electrical issues are the most common causes of vehicle fires because heat and sparks can ignite leaking fuel, crashes can also cause fires due to the fact that vehicles run on combustible fuels. It is important for drivers and passengers to know the warning signs of a vehicle fire. If you see smoke or flames or smell any burning rubber or plastic, it is imperative that you respond immediately. If you are driving and sense there is a fire, pull over as quickly as you can to a safe location such as a breakdown lane or rest stop. Then turn off your engine, and get everyone out of your car, and move at least 100 feet away from the burning car and traffic while calling for emergency help.

The fact sheet also advises on how to know the danger signs and prevent vehicle fires. It is important for vehicles to receive regular maintenance. If you seek that your vehicle is leaking, this means it is not working properly and needs attention from a mechanic. Also, never transport gasoline unless you absolutely have to, and only keep a small amount in a certified sealed gas can. These should never be transported in the passenger compartment either. Additionally, do not park a car where flammable materials, such as grass, can touch the catalytic converter. Pay attention to dangers in your vehicle too, such as oil and fluid leaks, an oil cap that is not securely fastened, cracked or loose wiring, and rapid changes in fuel or fluid level and engine temperature.

While it is unclear as to the fault of this accident, our attorneys empathize with the families of the victims for their loss, especially if negligence was at play making this a preventable accident. If you have suffered injury in an accident or lost a loved one due to another’s recklessness, a lawsuit may be the right option for you to hold the wrongdoing party accountable and obtain compensation for your losses. Our law firm offers free consultations, so call us today, and we would be happy to discuss your potential case with you.

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