Illinois Truck Driver in Jail for Failed Safety Measures

An Illinois man is behind bars after causing a car accident that resulted in the death of one man on June 29th. According to NBC News, the trucking accident occurred when the driver of a passenger car crashed into another passenger car while trying to avoid emergency triangles placed on the road by the truck driver whose truck had broken down. The reason that the truck driver is being charged for the man’s death is because he should not have placed the triangles in the road to show that his truck was broken down on the highway, but rather they should have been placed behind the broken down truck on the shoulder of the highway. The reason for this specific placement requirement is so the emergency triangles will hopefully not cause more cars to be placed in danger and risk getting into accidents, and will hopefully provide them adequate warning of a broken down vehicle in the vicinity. Please click on the link to read more about this tragic trucking accident that resulted in one man’s death.

This trucking accident shows the importance of truck drivers being aware of the rules of the road and the safety precautions that are to be taken in order to alert other vehicles, but also keep them safe in the event of a broken down vehicle on the highway. In this case, had the truck driver known the correct protocol, the man would likely not have been killed and the truck driver would not be taken in on these charges in which be could face serious jail time under the criminally negligent homicide charge. Illinois accident attorneys remind truck drivers that even when a safety precaution may not make sense to them or may not seem important enough to follow exactly as it is supposed to be, that there is a reason for all of these measures and that following them exactly may make the difference in saving a life.

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