Illinois Truck Driver Involved In Fatal Crash While Parked

A unique truck accident that struck in Oregon last night claimed the life of an SUV driver reports Fox News 12. The crash occurred around 10pm yesterday evening. Richard Clay, an Illinois truck driver, was stopped in a trucking park area at that time after a long day on the road. He was sitting in the sleeper berth portion of the vehicle watching a movie when he felt a sudden jolt. Apparently, a still unidentified driver of a Honda SUV had slammed into the bed of the parked semi. The collision caused a fire to erupt almost immediately. The flames engulfed the SUV and part of the semi. Clay was able to get out of the sleeper berth, but he could not help the SUV driver. That driver died as a result.

The specific cause of the unfortunate accident is still unknown and authorities are asking anyone who may have been in the area to contact them with information. Whatever the case, the truck crash is another example of the hazards that exist while traveling, both on the road and near it. Those dangers increase in the evening, when the sun disappears and visibility is limited. When a driver loses the ability to clearly see everything in front of him, even basic circumstances pose risks. For example, it is likely that the SUV driver would never have run into a parked semi had it been light outside-but that all changed when darkness obstructed his view.

No matter what the specific cause, there is a good chance that this truck crash involved a breach of driving care. The only way to ensure that our roadways remain as safe as possible is to hold all negligent drivers accountable for their errors. Abiding by that basic standard protects both the negligent drivers themselves and those who they risk on the road. If you have suffered at the hands of a bad driver, please contact a truck accident attorney today.

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