Illinois Trucker Encourages Motorists to Share the Road

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys recently read a news report posted on containing an interview with a veteran truck driver who discussed the various aspects of the trucking industry, including the most problematic – sharing the road with passenger vehicles. The 51 year-old large commercial vehicle driver, who frequently transports cargos of gasoline, reveals many of the problems he faces each day on the road and shares what motorists can do in order to participate in safe travel on our nation’s roadways.

In a question and answer-type interview, the trucker discloses that the most dangerous thing a passenger vehicle driver can do while traveling around a large commercial vehicle is to cut off a semi truck. Given that commercial vehicles take considerably longer to brake, it is extremely hazardous to cut off a truck. The semi truck driver encourages motorists to learn the dangers associated with driving a large tractor-trailer and to avoid tailgating and cutting off the vehicle at all costs. Often times, these large trucks are traveling slower because they are transportation very large and very heavy cargos, in addition to, ensuring that safety is a top priority.

However, the tractor-trailer driver admits that in addition to questionable driving behavior of passenger vehicle drivers, truck drivers are often guilty to dangerous driving behavior. The trucker reveals that there are a number of semi truck drivers on our roadways who are not very good drivers and should not even be operating on the roads.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that the semi truck driver recommends the following safety precautions for smaller passenger vehicles when traveling near or around large commercial vehicles:
– Stay out of a semi truck’s blind spot – Refrain from staying around a truck – if you’re going to pass a truck, pass and go – Never tailgate – Always watch a truck’s signals to make sure of their intentions
Our Illinois truck accident attorneys continue to urge our readers to drive carefully around large commercial vehicles. Collisions involving large commercial vehicles, whether through the fault of the passenger vehicle driver or a semi truck driver, can cause substantial property damage, personal injury, or even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, including an Illinois trucking accident, please contact our experienced accident attorneys for a free consultation to determine what legal rights and relief may be available to you.

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