Illinois Trucking Accident Injures Two

Recently, our Illinois trucking accident attorneys read an article in the Belleville News Democrat detailing a destructive five vehicle accident near Granite City that sent two individuals to the hospital. The accident transpired over a semi-truck driver’s failure to reduce speed – ultimately causing a domino-like effect accident. The initial semi-trailer rear ended the semi that was driving ahead of it, subsequently causing the truck to strike two other vehicles and another semi-truck. The driver of the semi-truck that caused the accident was taken to the hospital for severe injuries while the driver of one of the automobile was treated for injuries. Illinois State Police cited the semi driver for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

As mentioned in our previous blog, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently signed into effect Senate Bill 1913 which gave truckers in the state of Illinois a unified speed limit of 65 mph on all four lane highways outside of the Chicago area. Unfortunately, even though legislation has been enacted to help prevent these types of accidents – negligent truck drivers continue to fail to adhere to these regulations. Semi-trucks are granted a set speed limit; lower than the limits of passenger automobiles, due to their massive size and weight. Given a semi-trucks sheer size, it takes them substantially longer to brake. Trucking speed limits are put in place to decrease the severity and reoccurrence of trucking related accidents.

The article does not disclose if the victims of this accident are planning to seek legal action. From our experience as Illinois truck accident lawyers, it appears that driver error played a huge role in this accident. Further investigation into the truck driver’s logs could confirm if the driver had been continuously operating – therefore the cause of the crash may have been to drowsy driving. A number of other contributing factors to accidents such as this one may range from: driving while intoxicated, defective trucking equipment, as well as, poor weather or road conditions.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers share comprehensive knowledge when handling motor vehicle accidents of all types. Victims of these types of accidents may be able to seek legal relief from the damages they have incurred as a result of another’s negligence and carelessness. These damages may include: cost of medical expenses, loss of wages, in addition to, physical and emotional pain. Those who knowingly commit negligent acts should be held legally responsible for the various harms they inflict.

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