Illinois Trucking Accident Kills One

A Hardin County, Illinois trucking accident that occurred on April 23rd left one man dead and another seriously injured. The accident occurred on Route 34 when a passenger truck tried to pass a semi-truck and collided with another semi-truck as it attempted to pass. Unfortunately, the driver of the passenger truck suffered such serious personal injuries that he ended up dying at the scene of the tragic trucking accident. The driver of the semi-truck involved did suffer some personal injuries but refused to be taken to the hospital for treatment following the accident. The area of Route 34 where the accident occurred was closed temporarily to clean up after the semi-truck’s load spilled into the road. To read more about this fatal trucking accident, please click on this link.

Attempting to pass other car on a two lane highway is extremely dangerous and can easily result in a head on car accident. Even in areas where passing is allowed, please remember that it is very hard to determine how long it will take a car coming from the opposite direction to approach and to always err on the side of caution. If you feel like you need to pass a car in an area that allows passing, make sure to only pass if there if there are no cars coming in the opposite direction. If you are not sure if there is time to safely pass a car, please do not attempt to because of the serious risk and danger of a car accident resulting from attempting to pass when there is not enough time to safely get around the car in front of you.

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