Illinois Trucking Accident Lawsuit Settled

An Illinois trucking accident lawsuit has been settled and the family of the victims have been awarded $4 million dollars. The LaSalle County trucking accident occurred two years ago when a semi-truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and caused an accident that involved seven vehicles in total. According to My Web Times, the wrongful death lawsuit that was just settled was in connection with an elderly couple that were killed in the chain reaction accident, and another young woman also died as a result of the accident and several others were hurt. The court found the truck driver guilty of failing to reduce speed and following too closely and after the court found the driver negligent the jury was asked to determine what damages should be awarded to the estate, and they came up with $2 million per person or $4 million dollars total. To read more about this trucking accident lawsuit, please click on the hyperlink.

Following too closely and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident are common causes of both trucking and car accidents. When following too closely or driving too fast for the conditions it can make it difficult or even impossible for drivers to stop in time to avoid an accident. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration‘s website, trucking accident account for about 12% of all motor vehicle accidents and the best way to prevent more accidents is to make sure you are a defensive driver. This means that you are always aware of what is going on around you while driving, of other vehicles on the road, follow speed limits and drive slowly when conditions require it, are always alert while at the wheel and maintain your distance from other vehicles. Being a cautious and defensive driver can be all it takes to reduce the number of trucking and car accidents and can make the road a safer place to be.

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