Illinois Trucking Accident leaves 3 dead and 7 injured

Recently, The News Gazette reported two Illinois truck accidents that took the lives of three individuals and injured seven. The accidents, which both involved semi-trailer tractors, happened on I-57 just south of Mattoon, Illinois.

The first accident, which resulted in one fatality, involved the collision of two semi-trailer tractors. One of the semis fatally struck another semi that had pulled off to the shoulder of the road as a result of a flat tire. The semi that caused the collision caught fire, subsequently causing the driver’s death. The driver of the parked semi was taken to the hospital for the injuries he sustained.

The other accident, which occurred only a few hours after the first, resulted in two deaths and six injuries. This accident transpired when a semi-trailer tractor collided with a van that had slowed down due to the traffic caused by the previously mentioned accident. After the semi collided with the van, it proceeded to strike another vehicle, as well as, another semi-trailer tractor. After the eight individuals involved, both drivers and passengers, were taken to nearby hospitals – two did not survive. Ultimately, both accidents caused traffic on I-57 to be re-routed for more than a few hours.

Although lives were lost and injuries were sustained, these unfortunate accidents are almost impossible to predict, let alone regulate. While the specifics of these accidents still remain unknown, the concept of semi-truck driver safety must be addressed. Large trucks account for the sizeable increase in highway deaths. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are many factors that contribute to trucking accidents. Those factors include the breaking capability of trucks (especially if they are carrying large cargo), in addition to, driver fatigue.

Our Illinois injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti cannot stress the importance of driver safety for vehicles of all sizes. The rules of the road must be followed by all drivers, especially those who are operating large trucks. The truth is smaller vehicles have a substantial vulnerability to larger ones that weigh 20-30 times more than an average passenger car. Due to this, lives should not be cut short because of carelessness or negligence.

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