Illinois Trucking Accident Near I-290

An Addison, Illinois trucking accident that happened on June 16th near I-290 left the tollway shut down for about an hour and a half in the location where the accident occurred. The accident occurred when a semi-truck and a box truck collided, causing the box truck to roll onto its side and spill the load it was carrying. The spilled load is what caused the lanes to have to be shut down following the accident, so the clean up crews could make the roads drivable again. According to ABC Local News, the semi-truck driver was ticketed for improper lane usage, which in turned resulted in the trucking crash. Luckily, neither driver suffered any major personal injuries in the accident. If you want to read more about this two truck Illinois accident, please click on this hyperlink.

This accident occurred in a construction zone, which likely means that the truck driver’s citation was for more money than if the accident had occurred on a normal stretch of the road. The reason that the fines can be significantly higher in construction zones is to further deter drivers from behaving in risky or illegal ways when driving, because of the higher danger present in construction zones. Often times there are construction workers present or dangerous construction equipment present in construction zones that create a more dangerous environment for drivers. Illinois accident attorneys encourage all drivers to remember this and always obey any signs in construction zones, whether they warn you of workers, remind you of increased fines in the area, or create a temporarily reduced speed limit for that area. Following these rules can help keep you from getting high penalty fines and will make driving safer for you as well as for any construction workers that may be present in the construction zone.

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