Illinois Trucking Crash Results in Deaths on I-57

Sharing the road with large trucks, such as semis, can be require extra caution. Semis, due to their sheer size and weight, pose a more significant risk for personal injury and fatalities than other vehicles, especially considering the high speeds at which they travel on Illinois interstates.

A serious crash in Illinois on I-57 North resulted in two people dying as a result of injuries from a collision with a semi-truck according to Mt. Vernon Register-News. Four others suffered major injuries as a result of the accident. The accident occurred on Interstate 57 North, south of Ina. An SUV traveling southbound had crossed the median and collided with a semi-truck traveling northbound. Illinois State Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

Because semi collisions pose such a great risk for fatalities, it is important that all drivers, both truck drivers and motorists, use caution on our shared roads. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, of the 10,496 trucking accidents that occurred in 2011, 94 of the crashes were fatal and 1,830 resulted in fatalities. Additionally, in 2011, 65,525 total crashes occurred on Illinois state highways, which is 23.2% of the total crashes in the state for that year. As you can observe, combining highway conditions with semi-trucks can pose great risk for injury when an accident occurs.

While we have no control over others’ negligence on the road, be sure to do all you can to ensure your own safety. Make sure to stay out of the blind spot of semi-trucks so that the driver can keep you in sight and prevent collision. Also, do not follow these large trucks closely, and leave plenty of room between you and the semi-trucks. Lastly, take a stance against reckless drivers by reporting their negligent driving and behavior to their employers. Often, trucks will have a message posted on the back of their truck inquiring about their driving. Companies want to avoid liability and have safe employee drivers, so you can use this phone number to help prevent harm to yourself and others on the road.

Our Chicago accident firm understands the severity of injuries that can result from collisions with semi-trucks on the interstates. Our firm has the success and experience to assist victims of crashes in obtaining compensation for their hardships. In the past, our attorneys have obtained a number of notable multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for victims of trucking accidents. If you have been injured as the result of another’s negligence on the road, contact our firm for a free consultation to determine if yours is a case where we may be able to successfully advocate for you, as we have for others in the past.

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