Illinois Woman Dies in Semi Truck Collision

Recently, our Illinois semi truck accident attorneys read a report in the Pantagraph detailing a fatal Illinois semi truck accident. The 21-year-old Odell woman died from the injuries she obtained as a result of a semi truck collision on Route 23. Local authorities state that the woman was turning left from Redwood Road onto Route 23 when she was hit by a semi tractor-trailer traveling northbound. The Peoria County Coroner stated that the woman died of multiple force injuries and toxicology tests are currently being conducted. The driver of the semi truck remained uninjured in the accident.

When a semi truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the results are always devastating. With the holiday weekend upon us, many types of vehicles will be sharing the roadways. It is extremely important that all drivers respectfully share the road to avoid the recurrences of these types of tragic fatal accidents. The American Trucking Association recently assembled a group of top professional semi truck drivers with millions of accident-free miles to provide safety advice to drivers. These tips include:

– Prepare motor vehicles for extended travel. Simple maintenance steps such as checking wiper blades and fluid can prevent many motorist problems.

– Plan highway travel route ahead. Many accidents occur as a result of unexpected lane changes to highway exits.

– Never cut in front of large trucks. These vehicles are significantly heavier and take substantially longer to stop.

– Be aware of commercial vehicle blind spots. If you can’t see the truck driver in his or her mirrors, the driver cannot see you.

– Always wear a safety belt.

– Avoid risks. Never driver when tired, upset, or physically ill.

A majority of semi truck accidents occur as a result of motor vehicles cutting in front of trucks, failure to use turn signals, in addition to, changing lanes too rapidly. Automobile drivers should always consider the fact that semi truck drivers are unable to brake as quickly as cars can. According to Illinois Crash Data Report, there were over 9,300 reported accidents that resulted from a collision with a tractor-trailer in 2009 alone. Out of the reported accidents, 1,600 resulted in injury while 62 were fatal.

Our Chicago accident attorneys continue to encourage safe driving practices for all drivers, especially over Labor Day Weekend. Injuries and fatalities can be easily avoided when drivers respect each other and share the road. Unfortunately, many times there are unforeseeable and unpredictable accidents that occur as the result of a negligent driver. Accident victims who sustain serious harm or even death at the hands of a negligent driver may be able to seek legal relief for damages incurred.

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