Investigation Begins After Death of Two Drivers in Logan County Truck Accident recently released a report detailing the current examination of an unexplained accident two months ago that claimed the lives of two drivers on Interstate 55. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys read that at 11pm on the night of May 8th, a driver on I-55 called the police after noticing a car stopped in the right southbound lane of the highway near Logan County. The report states that the vehicle, driven by a 21-year-old woman of Chicago, was at a dead stop with no lights on and was causing a traffic hazard for other motorists.

Illinois state troopers later arrived to the scene and were shocked by what had occurred. A tractor-trailer, driven by a 67-year old man, had plowed into the back of the stopped vehicle at about 65 miles per hour. It is reported that the truck was hauling a load of Caterpillar counterweights, causing his truck and his entire load to stop so suddenly that the cabin was crushed forward. Police say the semi ran over most of the car and then went out of out control, traveled into the median of the road, fell off of a bridge, and landed in a creek bed. Both drivers were ejected from their vehicles and were pronounced dead at the scene. In addition, the car the woman was driving had later been reported stolen.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers read that as a result of the accident, a Logan County Coroner scheduled an inquest into the deaths this week. After being asked to describe the scene of the accident, the coroner stated, “It was really destroyed. The car was just a pile of rubble, and the semi wasn’t much better either. I’ve never seen a semi torn up like that. It’s just a sad thing, a really, really sad thing.” He said toxicology reports will be released soon, potentially yielding more information. The Illinois state trooper who investigated the incident is expected to testify. Family members of the victims hope to find out more about the unusual accident.

One important thing to note regarding the above report is that the accident occurred in the middle of the night. A huge concern for most truck drivers is driver exhaustion into the late hours of the night, which can result in distraction and failing to drive attentively on the roadway. Night driving frequently presents significant problems of determining how fast other vehicles are going on the road, in that many truck drivers don’t realize if other vehicles ahead are stopped until it is too late, as described in the above report.

Truck drivers face many regulations before driving to ensure they are well rested, all of their equipment is working properly, and they are not drinking and driving. Because of the great amount of energy and force associated with trucks, truck drivers need to be extremely cautious at all times, even at low speeds. Doing so will help to greatly reduce the number and severity of trucking accidents on Illinois roadways.

Despite the many regulations truck drivers face before driving, accidents do continue to happen as a result of negligent drivers. If you have suffered personal injury, medical expenses, property damage, or have lost a loved one due to a negligent semi truck driver, please contact our Chicago truck accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti. We are prepared to offer you the resources you need to seek legal action. Find out what rights may be available to you.

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