Issues Arise Over the Way in Which Truck Drivers are Paid

Recently, many have wondered if the structure in which trucking drivers are paid encourages them to drive beyond the amount of hours that is safe and could actually be responsible for more trucking accidents. The way truck drivers are paid is by mile as opposed to by how long they are working, which leads drivers to often times drive more miles and longer hours than what may be safe for them to be driving. Additionally, drivers are not paid for the as many as 30-40 hours per week that it takes to load and unload their trucks. According to The Rolla Daily News, many people within trucking organizations and truck drivers feel that a change in the structure of paying trucking drivers would not only be more fair to the drivers but would also increase overall safety within the entire trucking industry. However, on the opposite side of the debate from the people that feel that truckers should be paid for the hours they work, many say that if truckers are not paid for miles driven it could encourage drivers to lose the incentive to get a lot of miles in and instead cause them to relax possibly too much on the job. So while there are two sides to this issue, it is pretty apparent that something likely needs to be done to increase safety among trucking drivers. There are new hour limits being put into place to try to encourage safe driving, but since these restrictions are pretty new it is still hard to tell how successful they will be in increasing safety and reducing truck crashes. If you would like to read more about the issues facing truck drivers and the way in which they are paid, please click on this link.

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