Joliet Woman Killed in Motorcycle Accident on I-80

Our motorcycle accident lawyers have previously discussed how motorcyclists are too commonly victims of serious accidents caused by inattentive or negligent motorists, in addition to the steps drivers can take to avoid an accident with a motorcyclist. However, the tables were turned last Saturday when a semi-truck and motorcycle collision left the motorcyclist at fault. states that the accident took place around 6:35pm on Interstate 80 near Harlem Avenue. Preliminary investigation results indicate a semi-truck was in the far right lane of westbound I-80 and collided with a motorcyclist that was entering the interstate from the southbound Harlem Avenue ramp. Illinois State Police say the motorcycle struck the front, right corner of the truck, causing the motorcycle’s driver to lose control.

The motorcycle driver was taken to a local hospital, his condition remaining unknown. His passenger, a 22-year old Joliet woman, was pronounced dead at the scene by the Will County Sheriff’s Office. The semi-truck driver remained uninjured. The report states that it is not known what exactly caused the collision, but police investigations revealed that the motorcycle driver misjudged his speed and distance away from the semi-truck when entering the interstate, therefore causing him to strike the semi and lose control. No charges have been filed or tickets issued as of last week.

From the perspective of our law firm, we find that car and truck drivers are often responsible or unharmed in motorcycle accidents involving injuries because of the size and power of their vehicles, the disadvantage seeing small and swift motorcycles, and driver negligence often playing a role. Nevertheless, motorcyclists who do not maximize their visibility, recognize which streets or intersections are safe to ride in, fail to maintain an appropriate speed and distance away from other vehicles, or simply fail to follow the rules of the road might be deemed responsible for an accident.

As we are amidst the summer season, more people in Illinois rely on motorcycles as a means of transportation, and as a result, fatal accidents involving motorcycles are greatly increasing as well. reports that recently, a significant amount of motorcycle accidents have occurred in Northwest Illinois. A spokesman from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), stated, “We have seen an increase in motorcycle registrations and motorcycle crashes over time, for a variety of reasons. That’s why we believe it’s vitally important for motorists and motorcyclists to pay special attention when they are on the road during the warmer months.”

Our lawyers are aware of the increase in motorcycle drivers on the road and advise all motorists to take the appropriate steps and safety precautions necessary to drive attentively and defensively, use proper judgment, and ultimately avoid accidents and collisions. Because of the vulnerability of motorcyclists, they need to be sure to drive defensively and be cautious around other vehicles on the road. Proper attire should be worn to make the motorcyclist more visible to others, as it is easy for trucks and cars to make turns or merges without noticing the motorcyclist nearby. As most motorcyclists die of head injuries, it is important that they wear helmets at all times. They should also keep their motorcycle’s headlights on, and stay out of other driver’s blind spots.

Those involved in accidents between motorists and motorcyclists may have legal recourse available to them. If you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries, medical expenses, or property damages as a result of a motorcycle accident, our law firm is prepared to offer you the experience and resources you need to seek justice for the harms caused. Find out what rights may be available to you.

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