Lawsuit Filed after U-Haul Tailgating Accident recently released a news report detailing a lawsuit that has been filed after a deadly U-Haul accident took the life of one individual and caused substantial injury to two others. The accident in question transpired on November 19, 2011, when a U-Haul accelerated rapidly and swerved during a crowded tailgate during the Yale-Harvard football game. As a result, the U-Haul struck and killed a 30 year-old woman and severely injured a Harvard employee and a 30 year-old Yale student.

Although the driver of the U-Haul passed a field sobriety test at the scene of the accident, he was taken to a local police department for questioning. Police investigation of the accident has been complete, however, the result are under review and have not yet been released to the public.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that as a result of the accident, the 30 year-old Yale student has filed a lawsuit naming both the U-Haul Company of Connecticut, as well as, the U-Haul truck driver as defendants in the lawsuit. According to court papers, the woman asserts that she has sustained a number of severe painful and obvious injuries as a direct result of the crash. Injuries the 30 year-old sustained included severely injuring her leg which ultimately required multiple surgical interventions. She has filed suit for at least $15,000 – the minimum amount necessary to file a case before the court.

In the plaintiff’s complaint, recently filed with the court, it is asserted that the U-Haul driver and the U-Haul Company of Connecticut acting negligently in causing the accident. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that five potential causes of the crash are listed in court papers, which include: the excessive speed of the U-Haul driver, the fact that the driver never honked his horn, as well as, the working condition of the U-Haul. However, a lawyer for the defendant has stated that the accident occurred as a result of “apparent vehicle malfunction.”

As a result of the accident, our Chicago trucking accident attorneys learned that Yale has updated its tailgating regulations as of January. The revised regulations include banning kegs and box trucks from tailgates. Additionally, a vehicle-free student tailgating area has been created along with requirements that tailgates end before a football game’s kickoff.

If you have been a victim of a devastating accident such as the one previously mentioned, please contact a Chicago truck accident lawyer at Levin & Perconti to see what legal rights and relief may be available to you.

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