Lawsuit Filed in Fatal 2011 Bus-Truck Accident

Yesterday, our Illinois truck accident attorneys read a report detailing an accident lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of a 43-year old woman who sustained fatal injuries in a devastating bus-truck collision. According to the news report, published on, the fatal accident occurred in August of 2011 when the charter bus the woman was traveling on collided into the rear end of a flatbed semi tractor-trailer. Since the fatal accident, which also injured thirteen other passengers, the family of the deceased woman has filed a $4.25 million lawsuit against the trucking company, as well as, the drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Shortly thereafter the fatal accident, the bus driver was charged with criminal negligence causing death and possession of cannabis. The lawsuit asserts that the driver’s bus company acted negligently by allowing their driver to allegedly operate the bus while impaired, in addition to, in possession of marijuana. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that in the claim, the plaintiffs allege that the driver had been smoking marijuana and at the time of the fatal accident, his faculties of observation, perception, judgment, as well as, self control were impaired.

Additionally, given the driver’s physical and mental condition, he was incompetent to operate a charter bus with reasonable care and attention. The family of the deceased seeks claims of $250,000 in special damages, $3 million in general damages, in addition to, $1 million in punitive, exemplary and aggravated damages against the charter bus driver and his trucking carrier.

Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys continue to encourage trucking and bus companies to hold their large commercial vehicle drivers to strict and unparallel standards when operating such massive vehicles. Our attorneys know first-hand the tragic loss of life and/or serious injury that will almost always result from driver negligence. If the driver of any type of vehicle operates in a careless manner and causes an accident that results in a fatality, the driver may be held legally liable for the wrongful death of another.

Drivers have a duty to themselves, as well as, other to operate their vehicle safely and when this is breach and injuries are sustained, legal action can and should be sought. If you have been injured in an Illinois trucking accident or have lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver, please contact our experienced accident attorneys in Chicago to see what legal rights may be available to you.

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