Madison County Truck Accident Suit Filed

A truck accident lawsuit has been filed against a truck driver who allegedly crashed into a passenger car while the truck driver attempted to change lanes. The plaintiff in the lawsuit was the driver of the passenger car that was involved in the accident. The complaint alleges that because of the truck driver’s negligence the plaintiff has suffered serious and permanent personal injuries of which she is suing for compensation. The truck driver apparently failed to keep his truck under control, was driving at too fast of a speed, was not keeping a proper lookout, was not maintaining a proper distance between other cars on the road, as well as multiple other driving infractions that the plaintiff alleges were what contributed to the trucking accident. According to The Madison Record, the complaint is seeking over $100,000 in damages in connection with the accident. To read more about the Madison County trucking accident and the lawsuit that has been filed in connection, please click on this hyperlink.

All of the allegations that the Plaintiff makes against the truck driver in this accident lawsuit stem from the driver not being cautious or aware enough while behind the wheel. It is extremely important for truck drivers to not only know all the safety precautions that they should take while driving, but also to actually follow through and make sure they are driving in the safest manner possible. Illinois truck accident attorneys remind all truck drivers of the importance of being an alert aware driver, always obeying safety rules in all circumstances. Aside from the fact that these rules are created for a reason and should be followed because of that, trucks are such large and potentially dangerous vehicles in the event of a crash that this provides drivers extra-incentive to stay safe while on the road. Additionally, it is good for truck drivers to be defensive drivers because even though the truck driver may follow all safety laws, other drivers they encounter may not, and if the truck driver is prepared they can hopefully avoid an accident that another unsafe driving may have been about to cause.

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