Man Killed in Head-On Truck Crash

WCCO News reported on a fatal truck accident that struck late last week. 42 year old Scott Judd was driving along a two lane highway last Wednesday afternoon. Police are still investigating the accident, but at some point during the drive, Judd’s van crossed the center line dividing the two lanes. It was then that his vehicle struck an oncoming semi truck head-on.

The crash sent the van to the other side of the road, with the semi careening into a ditch. Judd was not wearing a seat-belt at the time, and was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.

Coincidentally, Judd was the founder of “DWI Ride Home,” a program which provided rides home to people from bars or parties to discourage drunk driving. He explained that he hoped to save lives on the road one person at a time. In fact, at the time of the crash, Judd was driving to seek out sponsors for the business.

Judd said, “If we could do a thousand rides a night in the state […] seven nights a week, I know we could make a difference.”

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti send heartfelt condolences to the victim and his family. The loss of a loved one in a road accident occurs too frequently on roads all across the country. While some accidents remain unavoidable, many are the products of poor decisions and risky driving. It is incumbent upon everyone to ensure that their own driving is as safe as possible so that fewer families suffer following these heartbreaking tragedies.

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