Man Suffers Fatal Injuries in Accident with Tractor Trailer

Car accidents with semi-trucks are especially dangerous and prone to cause serious personal injuries or fatalities. This is in part due to the sheer size and magnitude of semi-trucks, which can make them have a bigger impact in collisions than other vehicles. That is why it is important when semis and cars share the roads and highways with one another that everyone drive with responsibility and caution for one another.

A recent example in the news shows the gravity of semi-truck collisions. According to, a driver was killed in a collision with a semi-truck. The victim ran a stop sign on the highway, which caused his car to collide with a semi-truck. The car was then dragged several hundred feet before the vehicles were able to come to a complete stop. The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Authorities have stated that alcohol was not a factor in this crash.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines a large truck as one that has a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds. Fatal crashes with large trucks are unfortunately common. From 2005 to 2009, there were 19,846 national fatal crashes involving large trucks., an organization of large commercial vehicle drivers, has safety tips for those sharing the roads with large trucks. Trucks behave differently than cars, due to blind spots and limited vision. Be alert and cautious when approaching a truck. Chances are that if you cannot see a truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you. One-third of all crashes between large trucks and passenger cars take place in the blind spots of a truck. For that reason, increase your following distance around a large truck to maintain visibility in the mirrors. Additionally, when a truck is turning right, do not pass the truck on the right. Because of trucks’ large size, they must make a large swing to the left to make a full and safe right turn. The rear wheels also follow a shorter path than the front wheels. Also, when passing a large truck, do not cut in front of them. These trucks require much more distance to make a stop, and if they have to stop quickly, this can result in an accident. Instead, accelerate slightly and keep a consistent speed while passing. Do not pass until you can see the entire truck cab in your mirror before signaling and passing.

Our attorneys encourage readers to take initiative against dangerous and negligent drivers. As discussed that trucks cause much more dangerous accidents than passenger cars, do what you can to prevent accidents. If a truck driver is being careless or reckless and posing a harm to you and others on the road, alert local authorities. Also, companies are liable for their employee drivers, and therefore are financially motivated to maintain a staff of safe and responsible drivers. For that reason, you can report a negligent truck driver to the parent company by using the phone number that is often posted on the back of the truck.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a semi-truck, and you believe that truck driver was negligent and that the truck accident could have been prevented by better driving behavior, you may be able to hold that driver legally accountable. Our firm has been advocating for accident victims since 1992, and can use our vast legal experience to determine if you have a cause of action. Call our firm today for a free consultation.

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