Mother & Two Children Killed By Semi-Truck While Crossing Chicago Intersection

It is no surprise that pedestrian accidents are extremely dangerous and cause serious personal injuries or death, but these accidents should not occur as frequently as they do. Unfortunately, in a city like Chicago where many people rely on traveling by foot or public transportation instead of driving, our lawyers read about pedestrians being injured as a result of driver negligence all too often. With proper precautions and abiding by the law and traffic signals, fewer accidents could happen. With a high number of pedestrians, Chicago should be a place where people feel safe and trust that they are not in danger when they walk to various locations.

A recent article by the Chicago Tribune relayed the news that a mother and her two children were killed by a semi-truck when crossing a Chicago intersection. On Friday evening at 5 P.M., the mother and her children were crossing Ashland Avenue and 43rd Street when they were run over. The truck driver has been cited with failing to yield to a pedestrian at a crosswalk and for making an improper left turn on a two-way road. He has a later court date scheduled regarding the accident. After hitting the three victims, the truck driver continued down the road, unaware he had hit the three people. The friends and family of the victims are especially sorrowful over the fact that they were all very young, including the 30-year-old mother. Had the driver followed traffic laws, these three people could still be safe and sound and alive with their family and loved ones.

One of the worst parts about sudden deaths like these is that they are very unexpected, so loved ones are not only not emotionally and mentally prepared to say goodbye to their loved ones, but they are financially unable to do so with funeral services either because the money is not saved up for an unexpected loss of lives. That is unfortunately the situation here as well, so a friend has started a “gofundme” page to try to cover funeral costs for the three victims. Another common option for loved ones of victims is a wrongful death lawsuit. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, families of deceased victims can potentially recover funeral costs, along with other economic damages, by holding the negligent wrongdoer and/or employer liable under the law. By proving that that the victims would have been alive and safe but for the negligent driver’s actions, family members can both obtain justice by holding the wrongdoers accountable but also obtain damages to cover costs they should not have had to incur but for the deaths, including medical bills, pain and suffering damages, and lost wages.

According to the above cited article, witnesses have stated that this is a high-traffic intersection and is often dangerous. There are many tractor-trailer trucks driving to and from the nearby industrial area, combined with people rushing to catch the bus at nearby stops. However, our attorneys believe that crosswalks, whether in a busy area or not, should be safe for pedestrians to cross. By abiding by traffic laws, even the busiest of areas can be safe to walk in.

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