Motorcyclist Killed After Being Struck By Semi On I-290 Ramp released a report last Saturday regarding the death of a motorcyclist after he collided with a semi truck in Hillside, Illinois. Our attorneys learned that the accident happened at 4:51pm at Mannheim Road on the ramp of the eastbound Interstate 290 leading to the Eisenhower Expressway. The 20 year-old motorcyclist attempted to get onto the expressway at the same time as the semi but was pushed against a wall by the truck and was then run over by the trailer the semi was carrying, according to police. The Cook County medical examiner’s office pronounced the motorcyclist dead shortly after.

As all motorists are aware, many accidents occur on Illinois interstate highways each year; specifically, a large number of these accidents take place on freeway entrance and exit ramps in comparison to other segments of the highway. This is often due to congestion taking place on the ramps, trucks traveling near or directly next to passenger vehicles or motorcycles, and traveling over the speed limit at the same time as the ramp curves. The Illinois Department of Transportation states that additional common factors contributing to these accidents are bad weather, alcohol, and traveling at night.

In order to reduce the number of accidents on highway ramps, it is crucial to drive attentively, responsibly, and most importantly, defensively at all times. When entering a highway ramp, speed limit signs often changes to about 35mph; despite this, many drivers continue traveling at their current speed of up to 50 mph on the ramp. Be sure to slow down and look out for upcoming curves or turns on the ramp. If there are other vehicles on the ramp, allow a proper amount of distance in between yourself and these vehicles in order to prevent collisions. The motorcyclist and semi truck driver failed to do this in the above report and collided as a result.

Finally, remain cautious when entering onto a fast paced highway. Many motorists on the highway choose not to slow down for oncoming vehicles that are attempting to merge into the highway off of the ramp. Semi trucks can be especially dangerous in that the large size and weight of the truck may affect the driver’s ability to slow down and allow others to merge in.

By taking the appropriate steps necessary to remain safe while driving on highway ramps and interstates, the likelihood of an accident occurring decreases, and thus, the likelihood of personal injury taking place decreases as well. Negligent motorists do exist, however, and a significant number of accidents unfortunately continue to take place on Illinois roadways. In the case that you or a loved one have suffered in a motor vehicle accident due to a negligent driver, legal recourse may be available to you.

Our Illinois law firm at Levin & Perconti specializes in truck accident cases and represents individuals and families who have been wrongfully killed because of driver negligence. Please contact us to find the resources you need to seek legal action.

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