Motorcyclist Killed in Decatur Trucking Accident recently released a report detailing the death of a motorcyclist after a semi truck collided with him last Thursday. A Chicago truck accident attorney at our firm read that the accident occurred at approximately 11am in the 2800 block of North Brush College Road in Decatur, Illinois. According to an initial investigation made by the Decatur Police Department’s fatal accident investigation team, a semi truck was engaging in a turnabout when the accident happened. The driver of the semi truck, a 48 year-old man of Fairview Heights, had just exited a private driveway and was beginning to enter a second private driveway, just north of the first one, when the northbound motorcyclist, a 58 year-old man of Shelby County, collided with the rear tires of the semi truck. A Macon County Coroner stated that the truck simply “passed over the motorcycle.” The coroner indicated the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:40pm, having suffered “massive destructive head trauma and trauma to his torso.” The driver of the semi truck was not injured. The report states that no arrests or citations have been issued yet, but the accident is still under investigation by Illinois State Police.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys understand that collisions between semi truck drivers and other motorists remain one of the most devastating types of accidents on Illinois roadways, especially when these accidents involve motorcycles. Due to the larger size and weight of semi trucks in combination with the smaller size and vulnerability of motorcycles, the likelihood of a serious injury during a collision occurring greatly increases. While many accidents occur due to the negligence of semi truck drivers on the roadways, others simply occur because of the difficulty and potential dangers that go along with driving a semi truck. Therefore, although many accidents are unavoidable, we would like to offer all motorists some critical steps that can be taken to help drive defensively and to avoid being involved in a semi truck accidents this summer.

Based on the above report, it is always important to be cautious around semi trucks that are turning. As a truck driver begins a turn, he will usually first swing in the opposite direction, sometimes into the next lane, to complete the turn. It is best to avoid the truck altogether when this is occurring. Always place a significant amount of distance between you and a semi truck on highways or larger roadways. Understand that trucks are not like other ordinary vehicles. A truck’s size and weight can affect the driver’s ability to brake and change lanes safely. Thus, try to avoid driving next to a truck for an extended period of time, and if you must pass a truck, do so quickly. Also understand that semi trucks have many more blind spots than cars do, with limited visibility next to and behind the truck. Note that there are a greater amount of blind spots on the passenger side of the truck, so if you are passing it, try to do so on the left side whenever possible. Always try to stay in the truck’s visibility; if you cannot see the truck driver or his mirrors, odds are he is also unable to see you.

As always, take extra care when driving in poor weather conditions, as this can greatly affect semi trucks in addition to all other vehicles on the road. Be cautious when entering a highway from an entrance ramp onto a fast paced highway, where trucks may have trouble slowing down to allow you to merge in. If you ever need to stop on a highway, pull completely off of the road, as truck drivers may not realize that cars too close to the highway are stopped until it is too late. Finally, avoid road rage or becoming aggressive against trucks. If a truck driver is driving aggressively, do not retaliate. It is best to keep distance between you and the truck, in addition to other vehicles on the road that may be driving in an aggressive manner because of a truck.

From the perspective of a Chicago truck accident lawyer, it is essential that all motorists exercise great caution when driving near or around semi trucks. When motorists do suffer serious injuries as the result of a careless or negligent semi truck driver, they have the right to take action. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand that accidents involving semi trucks or other large commercial vehicles can result in personal injury and life altering consequences. If you have been seriously injured, or lost a loved one in an Illinois trucking accident due to a negligent driver, please contact our team of Chicago truck accident attorneys to learn about what rights and compensation may be available to you.

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