Motorist Awarded $1.4M in Truck Accident Lawsuit

A Chicago truck accident attorney at our office recently read an article on detailing the settlement of a trucking accident lawsuit that caused substantial personal injury to the 60 year-old accident victim. The tragic collision occurred just less than a year ago on December 21 of 2010 when the accident victim was stopped at a red light. Traveling near the victim’s passenger vehicle, a large commercial vehicle’s trailer detached and crashed into his passenger vehicle — ultimately flattening it and trapping him inside. It took emergency personnel well over 90 minutes to free the man from the devastating wreckage of twisted metal and shattered glass.

After removal from the wreckage, the 60 year-old was transported to an area hospital where it was revealed that he sustained a broken neck, spinal fluid leakage, a broken wrist, fractures to his left fibial and tibial plateau, as well as, nerve damage to his right arm and wrist. A few months after the initial accident, the accident victim and his wife filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer for $4.5 million. The lawsuit alleged that the semi truck driver operated recklessly in that the breaks on the rear trailer of the vehicle were out of adjustment and the tractor-trailer had mismatched brake slack adjusters.

Our accident attorneys in Chicago read that the victim’s lawyer explained that the most likely cause of this terrible accident could be attributed to semi truck driver fatigue and stress. Despite the driver’s trucking carrier refusing to comment on the mental state of the truck driver at the time of the collision, he was shortly fired from the carrier soon after the accident. The truck driver did receive a citation for the accident by local authorities with a $795 fine for careless driving and making an improper turn.

Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, was conducted between the accident victim and the trucking company to reach a final settlement of $1.4 million. This settlement will overall cover more than $300,000 of the victim’s already incurred medical expenses, $400,000 in estimated future medical expenses, as well as, $700,000 in victim compensation for loss of work and quality of life.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an Illinois trucking accident, it is important to seek legal aid as soon as possible. These types of accidents are particularly destructive and can cause severe personal injury and untimely death. Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers ensure that our clients receive proper compensation for the ill effects of these accidents and make certain that negligent drivers and trucking carriers are held liable for their wrongful actions.

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