National Transportation Safety Board Continues Push for Cell Phone Ban

Earlier this week, our Illinois trucking accident blog posted a report detailing an upcoming meeting held by National Transportation Safety Board members to determine the cause of a devastating 2010 multi-commercial vehicle accident that took the lives of two individuals and injured 38. The meeting also prompted that the National Transportation Safety Board members consider the proposal of new safety recommendations on the ever-present issue of distracted driving.

According to Lake County News-Sun online, the Board held an official meeting Tuesday and has since publicly released the safety recommendations they wish to address to drivers and legislators nationwide. The Board advocates that all 50 states, as well as, the District of Columbia implement a nationwide ban on using a personal electronic device while driving any and all types of vehicles. Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers read that this recommendation would prohibit driving while using electronic devices for non-emergency uses or reasons not essential to operating a vehicle.

With current statistics revealing that more than 3,000 individuals around the United States were killed last year as a direct result of accidents caused by driver distraction, the National Transportation Safety Board recommends that an advertising campaign be employed to garner public awareness of distracted driving, proposed electronic device ban, as well as, potential enforcement by local authorities. Despite the current ban upheld in Illinois that prohibits texting while driving and the use of cellular telephones in school and work zones, a majority of states around the country have neglected to establish comparable legislation.

As Chicago accident lawyers, our legal team maintains extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of the devastating results of motor vehicle collisions and have seen lives turned upside-down as the result of careless and negligent drivers. While many of the accidents that transpire on our busy Illinois roadways are often unavoidable, accidents caused by distracted driving is completely 100% avoidable. Even looking down for a quick second to read a text message or answering a cell phone call while driving can prove tragic or fatal for any driver, passenger, and/or surrounding motor vehicles.

Although it may not be easy to avoid the convenience that a cellular telephone provides during vehicle travel, our Chicago trucking accident lawyers urge all drivers to avoid this type of distraction at all costs. With countless lives prematurely ending as a result of these accidents each day, safe vehicle operation should always be a top priority for drivers of all types of motor vehicles.

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