New Study Examines Large Truck Crashes reports that a study into the severity of large commercial vehicle accidents is currently underway by engineers at Kansas State University. A Chicago truck accident lawyer at our firm learned that the research conducted by the civil engineers with work to improve highway safety by reducing the number, as well as, the severity of motor vehicle accidents that involves large semi tractor-trailers. The research will look at five years worth of truck accident statistics in an effort to help solve the ever growing epidemic of injuries and fatalities attributed to large commercial vehicle accidents.

As of press time, our Chicago truck accident attorney learned that the engineers are currently in the second phase of their study – which is being funded by the Mid-America Transportation Center. The second phase, titled “Study of characteristics and evaluation of factors associated with large truck crashes,” will identify the characteristics and factors that contributed to large vehicle crashes stemming from the past several years. In the state of Kansas alone, over 18,919 accidents involving large commercial vehicles transpired in the past five years. Of those accidents, 81 percents resulted in fatality.

In order to determine that cause of the semi tractor-trailer accidents, the engineers took into account the truck’s driver, the roadway, as well as, vehicle and environmental characteristics involved in the accident. Our Illinois truck accident lawyer learned that researchers discovered that of the 18,919 accidents, 73 percent (or 13,260) were attributed to caused related to the large commercial vehicle’s driver. Additionally, other contributions given to driver-related accidents included: failure to give enough time and attention to the task at hand – which includes switching lanes, passing other vehicles, speeding, failure to yield to the right of way, improper lane change, in addition to, following other vehicles too closely.

Other noted causes of large commercial vehicle accidents included environmental –related accidents. These types of accidents include animals running into the roadway or adverse roadway conditions – such as rain. Our Chicago trucking accident attorney also learned that researchers found that:
– Roughly 78 percent of truck crashes occurred during the daylight hours with no adverse weather conditions – A substantial amount of large commercial vehicle accidents transpired between noon and 3 p.m.
– A majority of truck accidents occurred in locations where trucks were permitted a higher speed limit.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti continue to encourage drivers of all types of motor vehicles to safely operate their vehicle in order to avoid devastating and life-altering accidents resulting in injury or fatality.

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