NHTSA Recommends Stability Systems for Large Trucks

TodaysTrucking.com reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created a proposal for the White House Office of Management and Budget that would require all large commercial vehicles to become equipped with stability control systems. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers read that this proposal comes in light of numerous rollover and loss of control tractor-trailer accidents. According to recently published statistics, these types of accident are responsible for over 2,700 injuries, as well as, over 300 fatalities each year. Many commercial trucking fleets have already adopted stability control technology, which has found to be effective in up to 56 percent of single-vehicle tractor-trailer rollover accidents. Additionally, it was found that control systems are effective in up to 14 percent of accidents caused from vehicle skidding.

Despite these noticeable safety benefits, not all trucking fleets have adopted this form of technology for their commercial vehicles. Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that these stability control systems may annually save as many as 66 lives and prevent nearly 1,000 injuries, these pricey systems would cost the trucking industry up to $107 million a year. Regardless of the increased cost, the article points out that the cost would ultimately be outweighed by the $372 million in savings from preventing property damage and travel delays. Currently, no word is out yet on whether this planned proposal will be implemented by the exact terms in the proposal created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Agencies are presently awaiting vetting (examination and evaluation) by the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Our Illinois truck accident lawyers are pleased to read that continued steps are being taken by our governmental agencies to implement adequate safety equipment in large commercial vehicles. With so many violent and debilitating trucking accidents taking place each day on our busy Illinois roadways, the implementation of safety equipment will hopefully in turn give drivers a peace of mind that proper safety measures are being taken to ensure that a semi tractor-trailer traveling alongside a passenger vehicle will not ultimately prove deadly in the event that the truck becomes unstable during travel. In the unfortunate circumstance that you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, or have lost a loved one in an Illinois trucking accident, please contact our accident attorneys in Chicago to see what legal rights and relief may be available to you.

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