Nine Injured after Semi Tractor-Trailer Collides with School Bus reports that nine individuals have been injured as a result of a semi tractor-trailer accident involving a school bus containing several children. Reports state that the school bus had stopped to let out a child on a local highway when a semi truck traveling behind the bus failed to reduce speed and collided into the school bus. Nine out of the ten elementary school students traveling on the bus, as well as, the bus’s driver were taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries. Our Chicago semi truck accident lawyers read that local authorities believe the semi truck driver’s inattentiveness is likely to blame for the semi truck accident.

Each year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducts research to determine the number of injury-resulting or fatal semi truck accidents that occur nationwide. Recent research indicates that there are well over 4,000 fatal semi truck accidents, in addition to, over 77,000 injury-resulting semi truck accidents that unfortunately transpire every year. Of those accidents, well over 287,000 result in damage to property.

A variety of factors are commonly attributed to these types of potentially fatal accidents. Some of the most common causes of semi truck accidents include:
– Unqualified Commercial Vehicle Drivers – Driver Fatigue – Alcohol or Drugs – Improperly Loaded Commercial Vehicle
– Unrealistic Imposed Deadlines and Schedules – Hazardous Materials – Improper Vehicle Maintenance
When the driver of a large commercial vehicle engages in behavior or acts that put the safety of other motorists at risk on our roadways, the results are often serious and life-threatening. Each year thousands of individuals lose their lives as a direct result of semi truck driver negligence and even more sustain devastating injury. Drivers of large commercial vehicles are legally required to exercise a reasonable standard of care when operating large trucks which may weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When this standard is deviated from and an accident ensues, the truck driver, as well as, his/her trucking carrier may be liable for negligence or wrongful death.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys know that any and all types of motor vehicle accidents have the potential to cause serious injury. However, due to the sheer size and weight of large commercial vehicles, trucks have the ability to cause substantial injury or even death if they are operated in a negligent manner. If you have been injured in an Illinois semi truck accident or have lost a loved one due to a negligent driver, please contact our Illinois semi truck accident lawyer to see what legal rights may be available to you.

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