NTSB Recommends Rollover Prevention Systems for Semi Trucks

Recently, our Illinois semi truck accident attorneys read a report on the StockMarketReview.com detailing a recent recommendation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board. These recommendations come in light of the frequent re-occurrences of fatal semi truck rollover accidents. With over 1,300 commercial vehicle rollovers occurring each year, roadways all around the country have been put in significant danger for accidents resulting in injury or even death.

The NTSB recently conducted an investigation into the cause of a cargo tank trailer rollover accident that occurred in 2009. The semi truck was hauling a cargo trailer containing 9,000 gallons of liquefied petroleum gas when it overturned on an interstate highway. The rollover caused the truck’s trailer to detach from the vehicle – subsequently colliding into a steel guardrail. The collision caused the cargo’s gas to be expelled from the trailer, igniting into a fireball.

Through the investigation, the NTSB determined that the cause of the crash was directly related to the driver’s action to avoid a car in the neighboring lane. Crash investigators determined that the semi truck trailer’s high center of gravity contributed to the rollover accident. These types of rollover accidents have been a severe concern by the NTSB for over 40 years. Given that tankers do not permit driver error and are highly susceptible to rollover accidents, the NTSB recommends that new trailer regulations be implemented to help stop the frequency of semi truck rollover accidents.

Although the NTSB is not permitted to change legislation applied to large commercial vehicles, the Board does recommend that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in addition to, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that would require all semi truck trailers containing cargo tanks exceeding 10,000 pounds be fitted with rollover stability control systems. Currently, two types of rollover stability control systems exist including Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control. Each of these systems gives commercial vehicle drivers better control over cargo tankers in preventing jackknifes and rollovers.

Our Chicago accident attorneys commend the efforts of the National Transportation Safety Board to help make our roadways safer against devastating semi truck accidents. With semi truck rollover accidents accounting for over 300 deaths and 2,700 injuries each year, new rules and regulations must be enacted to help save lives on our roadways. If you or someone you know has been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys will provide a free consultation to help determine what legal rights may be available to you.

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