Oak Forest Semi Truck Rollover Causes Traffic Delays

Yesterday, the Herald News reported an Illinois truck accident on Interstate 57 in Oak Forest, Illinois. During rush hour at around four in the afternoon, a semi truck hauling a cargo of steel rolled over on Interstate 57, subsequently blocking I-80 westbound ramp. Multiple lanes were closed for several hours in an attempt to clean up the wreck caused by the rollover. Local authorities state that only the driver of the commercial vehicle sustained injury that required medical attention – his current condition remains unknown. An investigation into the cause of the disastrous accident remains underway.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers know that rollover accidents can be debilitating and life-threatening collisions that not only plague drivers of commercial vehicles, but a number of other types of passenger vehicles as well. Statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that there are more than 280,000 rollover accidents that occur each year, with over 10,000 fatalities resulting. In the last few years, progressively more commercial vehicles have been involved in rollover collisions. This is due to the fact that semi truck’s often carry heavy loads weighing up to 80,000 pounds that makes the vehicle significantly more top heavy – causing rollover accidents due to the off-balance center of gravity.

When these types of accidents transpire, it is important to look at a number of factors, such as the truck’s driver, the commercial vehicle, as well as, the roadway itself, to determine the cause of the rollover accident. Often times, the semi truck drivers handling of a commercial vehicle plays a significant role in the occurrence of a rollover accident. According to Triodyne.com, an engineering firm that specializes in the safety of mechanical devices, some of the most common contributing factors exhibited by semi truck drivers in a rollover collision include:

– Maneuvering a curve at an excessive speed – Lack of awareness for commercial vehicle’s limitations – Lack of anticipation for sharpness of curve
– Failure to adhere to posted speed limits – Impairment by fatigue, alcohol, drugs, eye-sight or other – Operated in a reckless, angry or other emotional way
Unfortunately, many times drivers of large commercial vehicles are unaware that the trailer they are hauling is about to rollover until it is too late. Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers continue to urge drivers of all types of vehicles, especially heavy trucks, to exercise the utmost safety standards during vehicle operation in order to avoid the reoccurrence of these types of severely dangerous rollover accidents.

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