One Pedestrian Killed and One Saved in Trucking Accident

A trucking accident that occurred on April 19th left one Illinois pedestrian dead and seriously injured another. The accident occurred when a sports utility vehicle crashed into a semi-truck, causing the SUV to roll over onto the sidewalk and trap two people that were pedestrians on the sidewalk. Thanks to the witnesses that worked so hard to save the man trapped under the vehicle, that man is expected to be completely fine. According to the Chicago Sun Times, a group of people that witnessed the accident came together and were able to lift the SUV, which weighed over 3,000 pounds, off of the trapped man so he could be taken to a hospital. The woman that was killed had also been trapped under the vehicle and the bystanders were able to get her out as well, but unfortunately her injuries were too severe for doctors to save her. The two pedestrians that were involved in this accident were a married couple that were walking to the bank in order to get some exercise. At this point, the Lombard Police are not sure what caused the initial accident, but it is still under investigation. To read more about this pedestrian accident, please click on this link.

Unfortunately, pedestrians are killed as a result of car and trucking crashes all the time. In 2003, eleven percent of all motor vehicle deaths were pedestrian deaths. According to Walking Info‘s website, the most common group of people that are at risk for getting struck by a car are very young boys that may have the highest tendency to dart out into the street. The least common age group to be affected by pedestrian crashes are the elderly population which is probably a result of this age group being the most cautious pedestrians and those least likely to walk in highly traffic-filled areas. It is important for all walkers to be cautious and alert when walking, especially in areas where traffic is heavily congested. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, many drivers may not always stop in time so everyone should always double check before crossing the street.

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