Operation Safe Driver Campaign Begins This Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has kicked off their annual Operation Safe Driver campaign this week. According to TruckingInfo.com, the campaign is designed to help reduce the aggressive and distracted driving of commercial vehicles around the country by garnering nationwide driver awareness. Throughout this week, law enforcement agencies across the United States will be rigorously monitoring any exhibits of aggressive or distracting driving behaviors of commercial, as well as, passenger vehicle drivers. The executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance commented that many of the 4,000 deaths that result from large truck or bus accidents each year are attributed to unsafe and aggressive driving practices by both passenger and commercial vehicle drivers.

Operation Safe Driver will take place all across the United States, as well as, Canada and Mexico. The campaign, sponsored by agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, as well as, American Trucking Association, aims to increase activities related to commercial and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement. Additionally, Operation Safe Driver seeks to rigorously enforce: use of safety belts, driver roadside safety inspections, driver regulatory compliance, implementation of commercial driver educational and awareness programs, in addition to, raising public awareness about safe operation around large trucks and buses.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers continue to advocate safe driving practices by passenger vehicle drivers, especially around large commercial vehicles. Here are some helpful tips to avoid a potentially life-altering Illinois semi truck accident:
– Avoid semi truck blind spots. If you cannot see a truck driver’s mirrors – they cannot see you – Never cut off a semi truck. Trucks take significantly longer to brake than passenger vehicles – Never tailgate a semi truck. The greater the distance between your vehicle and a commercial vehicle will decrease the risk of a collision – Never speed. Always obey posted speed limits – Always wear your safety belt
The Illinois semi truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti encourage readers to recognize unsafe driving practices and operate their vehicle with the utmost standard of care. Even a minor driver error can often prove fatal on our busy Illinois roadways. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident as a result of a negligent driving error, please contact our experienced Chicago accident attorneys to see what legal rights and representation may be available to you.

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