Operation Safe Driver Seeks to Educate Negligent Truck Drivers

This week represents a renewed effort by many enforcement officials nationwide to step up safety measures against owners of unsafe trucking fleets, truck drivers, and cars that act negligently around large semi trucks. As reported in Trucking Info, The effort is part of Operation Safe Driver, a project organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti fully support these efforts to improve the safety of large vehicles on the road. Our attorneys have been involved with too many semi accidents that have caused immeasurable damage to countless families. The need for improved truck driving safety is obvious. Every year nearly 5,000 people are killed in truck accidents involving large commercial vehicles.

One safety expert puts the figures into perspective, “This is equivalent to a 737 airplane crashing every two weeks. Could you imagine if we experienced 26 planes crashing in a year? That would never be tolerated, and we should have no tolerance for these deaths on the highways either.”

This year the safety driving program involves targeting 261 motor carriers with a history of problematic practices including hiring unsafe drivers and operating even after being put out of service. Those carriers will then be given “aggressive compliance reviews” to determine if the improvement steps have been taken to curb the problematic behavior.

Other components of the program include a “Teens and Trucks” training program to help educate young drives about the challenges of driving around trucks. Inexperienced drivers in particular often fall victim to these trucking accidents. On top of that, program organizers are spreading a distracted driving education package that includes public service announcements, handouts, presentations, and an educational DVD.

Please Click Here to learn more about this trucking safety program.

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