Passengers Suffer Injuries in Fulton Rollover Accident

Frequent visitors to our blog know that rollover accidents are especially dangerous and unfortunately very common in SUVs and trucks, because they are tall and narrow vehicles. The design of these vehicles makes it easy for them to tip over in a collision, which can cause serious and long-term personal injuries for all parties involved in the rollover accident – both those in the vehicle that rolled over and those in the other vehicles around the scene who are put in danger of a nearby rolling vehicle.

According to a recent article by the Clinton Herald, a rollover accident in Fulton caused victims to suffer personal injuries. A passenger car that was traveling north collided with a pickup truck at the 900 block of 12th Street. Upon collision the truck rolled over and then came to a stop upside down on top of the passenger vehicle that hit it. Responders had to act quickly in this emergency to extricate the driver out of the pickup truck. Both the driver of the car and the driver of the truck sustained personal injuries, but fortunately none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. That is at least some good news to hear out of this accident because it is extremely common for rollover accidents to result in life-threatening injuries or permanent debilitating injuries.

It is important to remember that a rollover can occur whether the driver is the negligent party or not. While the article stated that it is unclear what the cause of the accident was and that it is still under investigation, in this instance the car hit the truck causing a rollover.

Rollover accidents represent only 3% of all collisions yet make up 31% of the fatalities, according to Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. Unfortunately, fatal accidents are not uncommon in Illinois. From the start of 2014 to today there have been a total of 604 fatal crashes (including rollovers and all types of crashes) in Illinois and 654 deaths as a result, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. It is more unfortunate that many of these accidents are the result of driver negligence, and collisions and deaths could have been prevented by adhering to our legal duty of being safe drivers and not engaging in reckless behavior. All drivers have a legal duty to not be a cause of danger and injury to others when they get behind the wheel, and when they fail to do so they can be held liable for their negligence.

Our attorneys are passionate about preventing driver negligence and bringing justice to victims. Through lawsuits we aim to set a legal example through successful verdicts and settlements which award compensation to victims for their suffering and injuries and punish negligent wrongdoers. When compensatory and punitive damages are awarded, drivers see this and think twice about being unsafe behind the wheel. If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries due to another’s negligence, you need a legal professional you can trust and rely upon. Our firm has represented families and injured individuals in a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits for over 20 years, and would be happy to talk to you in a free consultation. Call us today, and we may be able to help you.

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