Patrol Cop Recognized For Large Number of DUI Arrests

Many Illinois police officers have learned of the tremendous efforts of an out-of-state patrol cop who arrested 95 people on suspicion of driving under the influence in 2012, the most of any officer in his county. reports that the 55-year old officer says he became inspired to go after DUI suspects after hearing stories of people whose loved ones were killed by drunken drivers. “I needed to go out and do what I could to stop it,” he told reporters. Thus, in his last year as a full-time patrol cop, he decided to work night shifts exclusively, a crucial time to go after drunk drivers.

When the cop was not responding to calls while on patrol, he was looking for drivers displaying signs of being under the influence. He looked for vehicles that drove too fast or too slow, or had trouble staying in between their lines. Drivers stopping too far or too close from stop signs were also common indicators.

The patrol cop’s dedication certainly paid off; he was ultimately responsible for nearly 43% of the 222 DUI arrests made in his county last year. He was recognized last week during a banquet sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for his efforts. This week, MADD will also recognize other officers who each made more than 100 DUI arrests last year. Although the patrol cop has recently retired, he plans on continuing to be a reserve officer and working DUI enforcement. Executive director of MADD states, “They have a sixth sense, some of these officers. It’s a gift, because they’re saving lives every time they get a drunk driver off the road.”

Though the patrol cop did not boast about his work, by completing the actions that he did, hundreds of accidents may have been prevented and many innocent lives were undoubtedly spared. Even so, the true solution to stopping driver negligence is found at the source of the problem: the driver. All motorists should aspire to drive in the safest manner possible every time they are behind the wheel. It is important that all drivers are well rested when driving, follow the rules of the road, drive attentively, never drink and drive, and are ultimately careful and responsible on the road.

Despite many drivers taking the necessary steps to drive safely, accidents unfortunately continue to happen as a result of negligent motorists, specifically involving those who drive under the influence. Our lawyers represent individuals who have suffered injury or wrongful death as the result of an accident caused by a careless driver. We understand that the consequences of these accidents can be life altering and are prepared to offer you the resources you need to seek legal action. Please contact us to learn about what compensation may be available to you.

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