Pedestrian Killed in West Side Chicago Accident

As we have emphasized before, accidents involving trucks can cause life-altering injuries to those involved. However, the risks for serious injury or death increase when trucks and other large vehicles collide with pedestrians.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a pedestrian died after being hit by a pickup truck on Chicago’s West Side at Van Buren Street and Polaski Road. The victim was crossing the street when the truck struck him. Police cited the truck driver for failure to yield to a pedestrian, driving without insurance, and driving on a suspended license. As of right now, this accident is still under further investigation by the Chicago Police Department’s Major Accidents Investigation Unit.

In Illinois, especially in Chicago where many people travel by foot, pedestrian accidents are all too common. For those pedestrians who survive collisions with trucks, the injuries can be debilitating and require years of therapy and medical treatment for recovery. These can often include injuries to vital areas of the body such as the head and neck, nerve damage, and spinal cord paralysis. Even though these accidents are not the fault of the victim, the victim suffers greatly, not just from physical pain, but from many other stresses, such as financial hardship as well. Medical bills from such severe injuries are often extremely costly, and recovery means that a victim cannot work and therefore has lost wages. Oftentimes, the victim may become so disabled after the accident that he/she cannot return to their line of work either, and thus their earning potential has become permanently diminished.

Our attorneys have worked with a number of victims of pedestrian accidents and understand the toll these incidents take not only on the actual victim, but also on their loved ones and family members. In 2013 our firm helped a young Chicago man find closure after he and a group of people were run down on a Chicago sidewalk by a pick-up driven by a Chicago City worker. We achieved a $2.4 million settlement for our client who suffered serious injuries in the accident. Along with having to endure multiple surgeries, his injuries prevented him from going to law school or enjoying the active lifestyle he knew prior to the accident. The negligent acts of the worker impacted this young man’s life, as well as his new wife and parents who all had to come together to help him in the months and years following his accident.

Our lawyers understand how unfair it is for victims to suffer even though they did not cause the accident. For that reason, we zealously advocate for these innocent victims to help them find justice through compensatory and punitive damages. Even though this money cannot erase the suffering or permanent damage they endure, it can help lessen the hardship in their lives by covering costs that should not have been incurred in the first place. Such lawsuits also set a legal example by punishing negligent wrongdoers and preventing others from committing the same acts later.

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